Measuring Self-deception

Is there a way to measure a person’s propensity for self-deception, integrity, intellectual honesty, etc.  This is important.  It seems people vary in the degree to which they accept simplistic a priori assumptions, in the way they are susceptible to fallacies, and to the degree in which they are comfortable with cognitive dissonance.  If there was an objective way to measure these, we’d know a lot more about why we humans believe silly things, and why we act against our own interests.  And we could use it to improve themselves!

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One Response to Measuring Self-deception

  1. I revised the pronouns in this question to include myself, acknowledging that I too am probably deceiving myself in ways I don’t yet understand. For example, I probably have a bunch of sacred cows grazing among the neural pathways of my brain.

    What I have in mind to measure self-deception is something like the philosophical quizzes at that have helped me cull some mental dust bunnies.

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