What’s a Thinking Social Primate to do?

We climb the trees in search of fruit, pick critters off each other’s back, keep the little ones safe, and hope to mate one in a while.  But that’s the stuff of animals.  We get that for free.  Sure, we can be mindful of it, enjoy the moment for a while.  But then that big brain of ours starts to crunch the numbers of our existence.  Tries to make sense of things.  That’s something unique about us, even among the social primates: we ponder, wonder and dream.  In short, we engage in inductive reasoning.  We create theory.  Some more than others.  Some better than others.  But we all do it.  It’s what got us here.  Not sharp tooth, not long claw, but the ability to generate ideas.

So if, like me, you happen to be one, a thinking social primate that is, go big!  Feed what makes us unique.  Infuse your mind with the ideas others have collected.  It’s your birthright.  Your niche among the living things on this planet.  And should you decide to piece together an accurate view of the universe, you will be following the highest and best goal of a sentient life form: you will be the universe looking at itself.

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