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These are the big questions that I am grappling with…

Are You Living In Your Imagination?

My Stammtisch recently delved into the idea that people’s world views are infused with their imagining of things to varying degrees, some a little, some a lot.  I know it took me years to break out of wanting the world … Continue reading

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How Much Supernatural Can You Tolerate?

The person sitting on your left on the subway might believe that an unseen all-knowing white male is in control of the universe.  The person sitting to your right might believe in a vague ethereal interconnectedness in the universe that … Continue reading

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What does Doubt Mean to a Humanist, Atheist or Freethinker?

I have to disclaim that topic isn’t fully developed… Most Humanists I’ve met have no end of opinions, nearly all of which are based on science or similar principles.  But where’s the doubt?  It shows up in the skeptical stance … Continue reading

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What do Freethinkers do with Life’s Mysteries?

Get a bunch of Freethinkers together and they are likely to discuss the follies of religion, or perhaps they explore some scientific phenomenon.  But rarely in my experience do they delve into life’s mysteries, which can range from the mundane, … Continue reading

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How do Humanists, Atheists and Freethinkers Celebrate Mystery, Wonder and Awe?

While we are asking questions, here’s one that religions readily answer but science refuses to even entertain:  How do we celebrate mystery, wonder and awe?  Where are the meeting places?  What are the rituals, the ceremonies? Science doesn’t address what we don’t … Continue reading

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Is Everyone Invited?

We all have some sense of mystery, but the degree varies greatly.  Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  The same is true of knowledge, for most people in varying degrees.  If evolution is indistinguishable … Continue reading

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Measuring Self-deception

Is there a way to measure a person’s propensity for self-deception, integrity, intellectual honesty, etc.  This is important.  It seems people vary in the degree to which they accept simplistic a priori assumptions, in the way they are susceptible to … Continue reading

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